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Georgians for Gun Safety

Georgians for Gun Safety is a non-profit advocacy organization made up of concerned citizens working to reduce death and injuries by firearms in Georgia. While we focus on education and communication, we also try to bring balance to the gun safety debate in the Georgia General Assembly.
  Our activities include:
  • Advocacy and lobbying efforts during the Georgia General Assembly.
  • Providing gun safety information.
  • Community education and media outreach on gun safety issues.
  • Liaison with Georgia- and Atlanta-based law enforcement organizations to help advance their initiatives to make our communities safer.
  What we stand for:
  • The safe and legitimate use of firearms for sport and hunting purposes.
  • The right of law-abiding citizens to carry firearms, provided reasonable background checks and registration procedures are put in place.
  • Firearm registration that is on a par with auto registration.
  • The strengthening and enforcement of laws that keep guns out of the hands of: felons, minors, domestic abusers, straw buyers and the court-adjudicated mentally incompetent.
  What we are against:
  • Immunity from lawsuits for gun manufacturers.
  • Tactics such as blacklisting, something the NRA has recently started.
  • The undo influence of money in politics which causes politicians to take positions that do not represent the views of their constituents.
  • Obfuscation of the issues to suggest that any movement toward protecting our population as a whole from gun violence somehow diminishes their individual rights as citizens.
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